We need you

Did you know that the Wing Raiders Junior Football Club has 11 teams playing across the county?  We are an inclusive club that takes children of all abilities, ages and genders with the philosophy to give them the opportunity to have fun, play with their friends and get fit.  For the club to flourish, every year we need a fresh crop of young people to build the next team.  

The club is run completely by volunteers. Without them, the team does not exist.  If your child plays in the team, you will be with them for the matches, so rather than just spectating, why not get involved? Other than organising the team selection, it is not much more time than that. Also, you do not need to be an ex-pro footballer; you will have a lot of support from the more seasoned managers, and it is a really rewarding role.
If you are interested in getting involved, use our contact page and our
Cl​ub Chair will be in contact to talk you through the process.